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1. happiness?
2. a 320GIG HDD, it costs 165 now
3. 2 x 512 RAM at 93 each
4.clinique happy for men?? haha... all time favourite.


To tAke pHotoS aLL oVeR tHe wOrLd..

...tO s|nG fOr God...

like to pick up korean too...

become a nurse clinician? haha..


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Sunday, June 08, 2008
change of blog

decided to start a new one sorry for this one im gonna close soon


new one is at




thanks for your support ppl..

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Saturday, February 23, 2008
Latest happenings

Well life is not a bed of roses as everyone knows. It has its ups and downs and yeah we all go through them in our daily lives. If you take a step back, you can notice that time does not wait for you. Things happen and life has to go on. Students come and go, patients come and go (home of course)... I won't discuss about my patients because they are special to me and i will not reveal anything to anyone.. but i love them all... this is without a doubt.

 I have been thinking though if i should move... not house but wards. im really not sure because its not really because of the people in my ward, but sometimes its jus the way things are managed there that puts me off... So i spoke to a few people and they have chipped in their own experience and knowledge. im still stuck here though because i have made so many new friends and it's hard to leave. Where to? i'm not sure myself... but i will soon enough.

 The Degree is something that i must take and if it has to happen, it will be this year... i'm someone who does not like to let things wait too long so if i gotta take it, i better do it fast. A Degree in Nursing is what it is... I'm going with Curtin University because my sister was with them and well if she can, i can too... So with full steam , i'm going to apply really soon. Just got to find out more information and then ill sit with my folks and discuss this path...

 I'm sorry because i have fallen with God.. i have not been praying and i have not been following His footsteps. i have not been reading the Bible and i still sin. so i'm Sorry really i am...

 I also failed my ippt (i know) because i didnt train for it... cant do nuts so as the men there told me just go with the flow...  got to train lol.. got to got to...

 Love to go urban in my inline skates and love the feel the winds across my face. i thought of getting a new pair of boots to support my urbanization lol but then again if i do what will happen to my Seba FR2? think think!! the comp for rookies is coming in march and boss wants me to participate... so i gotta learn some slides... no combo for now.. but i guess ill get some stuff.. cheers to KOR....

 Baby has been by my side all along, supporting me and lendin me her shoulder and lap when im tired... i really admire her for that despite her own problems she always displays that smile we all love to see and never puts herself first... She put me first... sniff.... i really hope and pray that she will get better by the day and God will shelter her from harm... heal her and make her happy..

 I agree with Morgan Freeman when he said in Evan Almighty, "when one prays for courage, God does not put courage into you, He gives you the opportunity to be courageous. If you pray for a closer family, He does not make it happen, instead, He gives the opportunity to get closer as a family.."

 All about opportunity huh.... hmmm God is great, God is fair... God loves all and im glad He does... Glory to God Amen...

 A trip to Penang this April if all goes well with Derrick... I dunno what to expect because i have been there upteen times but it will be his first. I hope that i can be accomodating to his wishes unlike the last time when i kinda did it differently with Ming, sorry man... but i did  have a good time...

 So many things, yet so little time...


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
just simple updates.

 In today's newpaper, some 5 dogs attacked a poor jack russel terrier and its owner just hugged it in order to protect the poor pup. ended up both suffering quite an amount of injuries. i feel for the man and his pup coz that bond, that love he has for his pet, or perhaps i could just say his 'best friend'... the fact that 5 dogs attacking 1 is pure bully and not acceptable. if im not wrong the charges maybe 10k for each dog as fines...

A cure for diabetes??

 In today's today paper, (NUS) and Kidney dialysis foundation will be working on a cure for diabetes. time line would be 3 years to find a way using animals first and if all goes well, perhaps we can one day move on to humans.... does not mean we can stuff ourselves with sugar now can we?


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Saturday, November 17, 2007
The anniversary


5 years it has been and i feel that time has passed so quickly... from the day we first met in ttsh as students doing our attachments till now... im working and she is obtaining her advanced degree in applied psy.. things have changed many things have happened but even till today. we are still holding hands...

i wanan thank you for the past 5 years for standing by me, praying for me, supporting me, smiling just for me and just being there for me... i know im not the perfect guy u always wanted but ill still hold ya hand and make you smile, sing you songs and hug you tight...

unbreakable is still our song. even though you like stand by me n yeah i did tear when that song was played... im glad you liked the crying noodles i made for you and i dont mind making more for you because i wanna feed you with love and happiness.. not forgetting the carbo and protein haha..

thanks for the great 5 years and i hope to stand by you till we create many more memories down the road..

be safe and keep praying for us my dear bu...



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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
the day i managed to slide...Wooo
 Work can be considered such a tiring thing despite finding joy in talkin to my patients and caring for them. so after work i try to find places to walk so i can relax. i decided to check out the game shop in AMK. My first stop was Tenchi. The guy offered me 390 for a slim psp with screen protector, cover and 4gb memory stick. sadly there was no black available. i told him ill bring my psp (fat) n show if i can trade in mine. somehow i tink gaming can relax me too... been thinking if i should get a psp slim, options go as far as

1) xbox 360 from jon with 1 controller, 8 games (gears of war!!)
2) wii japan console with the sports pack (all the sports fun!!)
3)  ps3? haha... never thought about it yet.

so what are your ideas? which is better to get? hmmm i just need something i can play with. can be with family or even with my loved ones. isn't that fun?

sadly i went to check out funz centre... but they were too busy to even talk to me... i just walked out... forget it then i guess they just have enough. me askin so many questions would just stall them from getting business. guess ill stickt o tenchi then. 1 less customer i guess its ok for them...

 So tenchi it is... 390.... trade in my psp prob another 100- 150... which to me is v low.

 so headed back home. packed my bags and left for the court. along the way i realized that the court was used for some chinese event! shit n i saw no one there.. so i guessed that they cancelled it. but i had to go back to the shop to get my spare part replaced. costs me a hell 20 bucks to get it in... n i was told that this metallic piece is very hard to come out.... (i wonder how did mine come out so easily)....

I was told that there was still some of them who went to blade nways so i went to check out the back... saw the group... daran. justin. farhan. seans x2. SK. ziyi. jerome. amanda. and some others i duno... Thanks to them, i managed to learn how to slide... power slide.. something i have been trying to learn ever since i managed to skate a lil better.

Thanks so farhan for keep irritating me and showing me how to do powerslide.
Thanks to sean for showing more of it.
Thanks to Ziyi for teaching it proper and guiding me.

Now its just a lil due to lack of speed.... soon... id be sliding hahah...

Sorry i guess im not a good bf here.. not spending time with bu...

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Thursday, October 18, 2007
updates and morey
 Hey people. i guess many don't really read my blog but i guess i should update every now and then if not, people might just think i have dissappeared suddenly. So here goes:

 Life is really beautiful... For me that is, knowing that God is great and loving.

Work for me is kinda taking well... a few more days and ill be a year old in my current work place. feels great to make so many new friends and maintain a wonderful frenship with the people all around me. kinda need to avoid the green monster thou... it was so quiet and peaceful when both green monsters were not around.everyone had peace fun and pure joy... no complaints. but now that they are back... we, the mice can't come out to play. but thanks to all who have helped me.

Studies wise im pretty laid off... i must say its gonna be freaking hard to start anew back to hitting the books once more. but i should start with my A&P... i got to know all my body parts, the organs and such so that i can be at the very least understanding what people are talking about. if not one step ahead coz i already know. pharmocology can be a ditch... honestly ya know the name but u duno much about the uses and its side effects. scary i tell ya... i always freak out when they are wads this n that for. so that needs a refresher too... im kinda aiming for my degree in the coming year. if possible. got to read up and do well if i wanna stay in the line...

As for myself. i have moved into a diff phase, now i try my very best to stick to lighter meals and i try to jog but coz of my weight which i hate, it hurts me to jog. so i blade. at least something i enjoy much better than jogging. but that is gonna affect my 2.4km ippt... sheesh... So i cut down on fried food. i mean cut out... no fried food. i try not to eat after 8pm and lesser sugar drinks for me. water mainly. heavy breakfast, normal lunch n light dinner.

Iphone came out recently and i got sucked into the hype that i wanted to get myself one. but after finding out more, i realised that it lacked a lot of stuff... things like mms, video filming, bluetooth, expandable ms slot and such are somewhat important applications for me. so i decided to skip it for now. wait till it improves or gets  better then ill consider.

Psp came out with its slim too, now with 1/3 of its size or weight longer lasting battery and faster loading times, i guess its better to turn toward that huh? but ill wait for the price to lower a lil then mayb trade in my fatty psp for it. did you know that it can be played on tv too? haha...

today the 17th is also my anniversary with my girl. next month n it will be 5 years... wow huh? i know! haha so many memories, happy and sad times, fun and joy...
Thanks dear for standing by me since my ns days till now ya still so strong and patient with me... i feel bad im the one who is not treating you well... sniff.. happy anni dear...

i guess its all for now....

hope all is well...

God bless.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
ooh my blue eyes blue...
hello ppl

 Hope all is well for everyone who reads this. anyways today im gonna talk bout my new possession: a pair of boots, a pair of nice blue light coloured blades aka rollerblades aka slalom blades aka seba micro FR1 freestyle blades. don't be askin the price because i would not reveal it ha. all along i have been wanting to be losing weight and at the same time enjoy my exercise. i loved to jog (i cant really run so ill use the word jog for now) but that died down, i guess i got lazy after all. so i turned into this. blading. ill attach a picture so many more of you readers can fall in love too haha..

 So far i have been blading for 2 days alone and i have learnt well to go straight haha! Ok ok i'm no whiz when it comes to wheels so im learning slowly how to stop because i always freak out when i go fast but duno how to stop haha. everyone wants a thrill right? and speed is the thrill for blades too so the T brake is the most basic break.

 T-brake- as you are moving forward and wantin to come to a stop, u focus your weight on one side of your leg be it left or right and naturally you will swing the other leg back to form a T shape (the back boot using its wheels to slow you down).

 Problem: I tend to turn when i want to t brake, my friend boi says that its because i still hold my weight in the centre that is why i tend to turn. hmmm so i need more practice. wish me luck ppl..

 I fell 3 times that first day and till now i still hurt despite wearing knee pads and wrist guards, i took 3 falls because i was out of balance, fell twice on my knees and hands and the last on my thigh which still hurts till now.

 Notice: when you blade, pls pls dun carry anything with you.. u may break it while falling or wreck it and too late ha..

 The second day is somewhere nearer to Vista point where the court is open and made of cement new but v dusty n dirty with many small stones and chips on the ground. managed to get gay n his girl to try their blades for the first time. they fell like 3-4 times but i can see improvement. Gay can do the t brake already so i can see he is getting the hang of it. his girl hmmm she is improving slowly just like me haha but i can see all of us are having fun in the process of learning.

 i really hope this can help me reach my goal and at the same time i improve over time. so that i can blade from place to place. so fun so many possibilities wa....!

 Wish me luck people and pray for me yeah?

 God bless

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Friday, August 24, 2007
work and passion
 I believe many of us including myself would frown at the word 'work' because this word is such a huge part of our lives. without it, we can't move on or buy stuff we want or even pay our bills.

 Honestly, i'm quite exhausted even thou its not been a year at my work place. there is always so much more to learn and to struggle with. I deal with people's loved ones and their precious lives. i feel bad that i dun treat them well enough in terms of tender loving care. all beacause i have to tend to my papers but still documentation is equally important. we all know that touch is so important, that support only we can give how we communicate and cheer them up, reassure them and make them heal faster and better. sadly life is not a bed of roses so some go home and some go 'HOME' if ya know what i mean but i realized one thing bout work. im talking about my work not others so yeah...

 I realised that work can become passion, it can become something u care about i mean for me i guess its coz im workin with lives so its so much more different. i guess maybe it's also because i care alot about who i take care of. yes i may not be perfect at work but i still want the to heal better. the reason why i say this is because i usually dun go home on time. no doubt most go home by 330pm, im usually there till bout 4-5ish. sometimes it because of work unfinished but other than tt i realised that i work better after work. no pressure no rush. and i can care for my patients more then... yes im slow after so long but i feel i prefer to do it after. hmmm oh well i hope we all can improve...

 Director of my work place told me that the hunger for knowledge has died down. i know she is right. i mean almost all of us wake up work and go home to slp. its tiring no doubt but i wanna prove her wrong and make it right. but to be honest im tired and lazy too haha...

  Pray for me yeah? knowledge... safety and peace at work... strength to carry on each day....

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Thursday, August 09, 2007
I need God so much
 It is true... True that i do not feel at peace when i do not have God in my life. allow me to express my thoughts and comments on this. I realized that i have been burnt out lately at work because i did not turn to Him for strength. I depended on myself to get things done and i did not seek Him... it explains, because there are days where i do seek God and those days are really better to go by...

 I have failed to seek Him daily. failed to pray unless i am really in need. that is my mistake and my grief to hold... Now i wanna seek God, i wanna feel His presence and His love in my life. I want Him to be part of my life. Pray for me friends and fellow brothers and sisters...

 pray for your personal walk with God daily.. set aside time for Him...

 Pray for the world... for peace and happiness...

 Pray for the soloist group... for strength and direction...

Therefore i urge you brothers n sisters who have fallen n stayed down for so long... wake up, stand up and praise the Lord...!!! amen!!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
happy nurses day
a fun day i must say despite the loss. i believed we were good but didnt expect them to beat us flat.i know we tried but we managed to get them to laugh but not the judges i guess..

oh well happy day to all nurses...

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